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"Life in Forms" Hardcover Book

"Life in Forms" Hardcover Book

$ 30.00

Limited edition signed and numbered (1 of 500) hardcover book.

In his first collection of Maximalist ink drawings, Eli Helman presents fifty (50) works from his 5”x7” and 8”x10 series’ divided into five categories – Trees and Birds, Animals, Humanities, Music and Shelves. This eclectic group contains a range of subjects that, while individually unique, are unmistakably linked by the style itself – a boldly intricate yet distinctively raw form of expressionism that combines elements of folk art, comic humor and whimsical surrealism with a strong focus on pattern. An artist friend once described the work as “funny, meditative, beautifully simple yet complexly precise.” The intention is to present a celebration of life with a satisfyingly full visual experience.

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